Thursday, February 18, 2010

Time to Switch to Hybrid Cars

Each year there are billions of vehicles produced worldwide. That means levels of air worse emissions generated by these vehicles. It is now time to move on vehicles more environmentally friendly. Because if not, we need another planet to live.

Thus the statement Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan in a speech before the world of automotive journalists at the press day LA Auto Show, in Los Angeles, United States, Wednesday (19/11/2008). As reported autoweek, Carlos said, 600 million vehicles produced each year in the world, and also appears every year 70 million new vehicles. This means that the air condition in the world worse due to exhaust emissions from vehicles used by humans.

Each automobile industry must think about this serious problem, said Carlos, engines with emissions-free is the best step for towards a healthier world in the future, he said.

"In China, 50 cars required for 1000 people, while in the United States, 800 cars representing 1000 people. What does it mean? If China and the U.S. are unable to accommodate the number of vehicles, and air in both countries are filled with CO2, then we need 11 planets to live. "Said Carlos told reporters.

By the realization of the creation of emission-free engine, started in 2010 in the U.S. and Japan, Nissan will launch the all hybrid products. "We will continue to make changes in the automobile industry, if then there are people who see our car and said 'Oh, that's a bad car', not anything. Because no matter what our product is the future hybrid cars. And the public will see, our car is a car that has a sell value and environmentally friendly. "Carlos said.